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The flagship software platform for transcribers(MTs) is SecureXFlow. It allows Transcription Mangers to allocate work, train MTs, and ensure line counts are always accurate. An integral part of transcription software for the transcribers is SecureMT Client that works on Windows PCs. It is a customizable and user friendly software used by MTs working from home or office.

The best part of SecureMT Client is look and feel of a MS Word application which is familiar to MTs around the globe! The result is high productivity, minimal training and ability to go live and direct on accounts within no time!

SecureMT Client has helped hundreds of MTs achieve high productivity and earnings from day one!

SecureMT Client benefits include:

  Auto templates update - Often templates get changed in transcription environment. As an MT it is hard to keep track of appropriate template. SecureMT Client automatically updates templates with all necessary instructions.

  Auto demographics facility for accounts - Hotkeys to populate auto demo, no typing.

  Batch download and upload facility - The software allows for partial or batch transfer of dictations and reports. Therefore, offline working works like a charm!

  Detailed account-specific instructions and numerous sample files.

  Daily feedback and QA comments Transparent and great accuracy enhancer tool.

  Developed on Microsoft Word environment and therefore, is fully compatible. You can use your existing autocorrect library and other text expansion tools. Your learning curve is thereby minimized.